We do not hire the hall for 18th, 21st or adult parties as we have a strict no alcohol or smoking policy on the premises. Our rates are very reasonable and we aim only to charge what is needed to maintain the hall and cover costs. Please submit a contact form on our contact page to see when the hall is available. Your enquiry will be answered within three business days.

Casual Rates

  • Casual bookings $25/hour
  • Children’s Birthday parties/celebrations $25/hour
  • Toy Hire $25 flat rate

Permanent User Rate

  • Non-profit $9.00/hour
  • Profit $18.00/hour

Key Bond 

  • $50 for all users

Invoices are provided for all accounts and we accept electronic payments only. Details will be provided.

Terms and Conditions

Hirers must agree to the following terms and conditions:

  1. To use the hall only during the hire period.  Your booking should include set up and clean up time.
  2. Leave the hall areas inside and out clean and tidy
  3. Ensure all doors and windows are locked before leaving
  4. Ensure all lights, heaters and fans are switched off
  5. Return all equipment to it's original place in the storage room
  6. Remove all rubbish from the hall and take all rubbish that does not fit in the outside bin with you
  7. To report and pay for any damages to the hall or it’s property
  8. There is no alcohol permitted on hall property 
  9. No smoking on hall property
  10. The Hirer indemnifies The North Belconnen Hall Committee against any claim made by the Hirer or any persons visiting the premises during the Hirer's use of the premises with respect to personal injury or property loss or damage.

Availability Calendar